The Institute of Legal Executives (W.A.) (Inc), otherwise known as ILEX (WA), is a non-profit professional association representing people who work within various fields of law.

There are Institutes of Legal Executives in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland and Victoria with similar organisations in Canada and the United States.

ILEX (WA) was formed in 1965 and delivered legal courses at the Law Society’s Hall.  The WA Education Department realised the potential and with ILEX’s consent and ongoing consultation, took over the running of the course at Perth Technical College which is now the Central Institute of Technology. 

Today, ILEX (WA) is negotiating the delivery of post-graduate study as the Institute has always been concerned with academic, as well as practical training and other benefits for its members.

ILEX(WA) promotes professional seminars, provides networking opportunities, offers Member discounts and is expanding to link Members with employment prospects.

Mr Kim Holmes

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